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Book Chapters

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Invited Conference Papers

  • Christoph Riedl, Tilo Böhmann, Michael Rosemann, Helmut Krcmar (2008): Quality Aspects in Service Ecosystems: Areas for Exploitation and Exploration.Proceedings of 10th International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC’08), Innsbruck, Austria, DOI ACM.

Non-Refereed Journal Articles, Reviews, and other Published Articles

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Teaching Cases

  • Riedl, C., and Hogan, T. (2014). “Fluitec Wind: Improving Sustainability Through Predictive Analytics,” D’Amore-McKim School of Business Teaching Case, incl. programming tutorial, sample data, and teaching note.
  • Wesley, D., Riedl, C. (2014). “Google Skybox: Monitoring Planet Earth in High Definition,” D’Amore- McKim School of Business Teaching Case, incl. programming tutorial, sample data, and teaching note.
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